Dark Rose Podcast #27- Lil Turbo


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In this episode of Dark Rose Podcast, I bring on artist Lil Turbo.

I previously interviewed Lil Turbo half a year ago on KLH Writing, but this time we went more in-depth and covered many details about him.

From his upbringing, to his beliefs, to which labels he’d sign to, how he became acquainted with Famous Dex, and more.

I hope you enjoy.

Lil Turbo SoundCloud: @golilturbo
Lil Turbo Twitter: twitter.com/golilturbo
Lil Turbo Instagram: www.instagram.com/golilturbo/

Featured Song: BRAINDEAD by Lil Turbo ft Jay Storm + BigBabyScumbag (Prod. by Chris Surreal)

Dark Rose Podcast Interlude: How To Start A Blog


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In this podcast episode, I cover how to start a blog, in particular, a creative focused blog.

I provide tips and strategies, as well as personal thoughts so that your blogging career can succeed.

I hope you enjoy!

Featured Song: Jaded by sadeyes (Prod. by Ocean)

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Dark Rose Podcast #26- Plugged In


In this episode of Dark Rose Podcast, I bring on a mysterious individual known by his alias of Plugged In.

Plugged In has been focused on pushing forward the underground culture, and helping those that may need help. The individual has been involved in giving away purchased producer beats for free, creating support groups for those suffering from addiction, sharing peoples art, and more.

In this exclusive interview, I interview the mysterious but kind-hearted individual behind Pluggin In.

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Plugged In Twitter: twitter.com/Plu99edIn
Plugged In SoundCloud: @plu99edin
Plugged In Instagram: www.instagram.com/plu99edin/?hl=en%20mobile

Featured Song: Mango Juul Pod by AWD (Prod. by toopristine)