Taking the ‘rocks and dust’ of Aussie jazz to Romania

They found each other in the UNSW undergraduate music program, now quintet Anoesis is taking on the world. It's been a short, giddy climb for Anoesis, the five-member student jazz ensemble formed just two years ago and this week playing in one of the world's great jazz competitions. The breakout quintet has been shortlisted for…


Dark Rose Podcast #35- Aarons

Being a fan of the YouTube channel, Aarons, for a few months, I thought I'd ask Aarons to come on to the podcast. He accepted. In this podcast episode, we cover Sam Aarons life, the creation of his YouTube channel, his hobbies, where his channel is headed, who his favourite mainstream and underground artists are,…

Dark Rose Podcast #26- Plugged In

In this episode of Dark Rose Podcast, I bring on a mysterious individual known by his alias of Plugged In. Plugged In has been focused on pushing forward the underground culture, and helping those that may need help. The individual has been involved in giving away purchased producer beats for free, creating support groups for…

Dark Rose Podcast #25: Kappa

On this episode of Dark Rose Podcast, I bring on Sydney artist Kappa. I have previously interview Kappa 1 year ago, on KLH Writing. I wanted to bring him on the podcast to see what he's been up to since.

Dark Rose Podcast #24: Sol Jay

In this episode, we cover Sol Jay's music, his life growing up in a strict religious household, his career as a model and actor, who he is behind the music, and more.

Dark Rose Podcast Interlude: Origins

I cover many topics and questions that I have been asked such as how my blog started, why'd I start my podcast, the future for my brand, how you can get on the podcast, and more.