Taking the ‘rocks and dust’ of Aussie jazz to Romania

They found each other in the UNSW undergraduate music program, now quintet Anoesis is taking on the world. It's been a short, giddy climb for Anoesis, the five-member student jazz ensemble formed just two years ago and this week playing in one of the world's great jazz competitions. The breakout quintet has been shortlisted for…



From learning instruments at a young age, to his desire to ‘prove the world’, Shawty opens up in this exclusive interview.David, who lives in Seattle, Washington, has travelled around the country whilst growing up. The artist was originally born in San Jose, California. In 3rd grade, David’s family moved to Lewiston, Idaho. Regarding how the…

Dark Rose Podcast #37- Underground Vampire Club

Underground Vampire Club, an impactful and established underground culture blog, agrees to come on to speak about the blog, and shed light on those involved in the large team. Two of the leading visionaries behind UVC, Carssere, and Zomb, speak also on who they are behind the blog. I hope you enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/writerbard/dark-rose-podcast-36-underground-vampire-club

Dark Rose Podcast #35- Aarons

Being a fan of the YouTube channel, Aarons, for a few months, I thought I'd ask Aarons to come on to the podcast. He accepted. In this podcast episode, we cover Sam Aarons life, the creation of his YouTube channel, his hobbies, where his channel is headed, who his favourite mainstream and underground artists are,…

Dark Rose Podcast #34- Patrick Cc Updated

Patrick Cc is a content creator on YouTube who has previously been interviewed on Dark Rose Podcast. A lot has happened in the few months since our last interview, with Patrick nearly reaching 10k YouTube subscribers, travelling around the US on a tour with the artist Guardin, and lots more. Due to popular demand, I…

Dark Rose Podcast #32- Josen

In this episode of Dark Rose Podcast, I bring on NYC artist Josen. We speak about Josen's life growing up, how he sold weed to Bladee who was with Yung Lean, how he started making music, who his inspirations are, and lots more. I hope you enjoy! https://soundcloud.com/writerbard/dark-rose-podcast-32-josen Josen SoundCloud: @liljosen Josen Instagram: www.instagram.com/liljosen/ Josen Twitter: twitter.com/josennnnn

Dark Rose Podcast #28- Us Vs. The World

In this episode of Dark Rose Podcast, I bring on Jay Danza, one of the founders of the platform, Us Vs. The World. Us Vs. The World has a blog, and many other features, and often throws shows around America with various upcoming and prominent underground artist and producers. The platform also has between 15-20 members.