Meet WavyLand, The Party Reigniting Sydney’s Music Scene


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Dark Rose Podcast #35- Aarons


Being a fan of the YouTube channel, Aarons, for a few months, I thought I’d ask Aarons to come on to the podcast. He accepted.

In this podcast episode, we cover Sam Aarons life, the creation of his YouTube channel, his hobbies, where his channel is headed, who his favourite mainstream and underground artists are, and lots more.

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Dark Rose Podcast #33- David Shawty


In this episode of Dark Rose Podcast, I bring on the San Jose born artist, David Shawty.

We cover lots about him, including his reaction to his song Honda nearing 1 million listens, who his inspirations are, why he smokes toothpaste, and lots more.

I hope you enjoy.

The intro and outro beats are created by producers AsianOrChinese and Shrimp for this podcast, as well as for a project of their own.

AsianOrChinese Podcast: Writerbard – Dark-rose-podcast-30-asianorchinese
Shrimp SoundCloud: @fuckshrimp

David Shawty SoundCloud: @davidshawty
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