Aquinas- From Newcastle To Global Shores


19-year-old Newcastle producer Aquinas has been rising in prominence within the music underground, with their beats accompanying the vocals of artists like Boy Scout Gatsby.

The producer, however, has also been growing a global audience outside of his usual bracket. With the release of his new song, ‘Bonsai,’ in which the producer unleashes his vocals on his own beat, Aquinas showcases that he is versatile with his art – and pushing boundaries.

The producer, who shares his producer title with his real name, originally started making music with a passion for music, a bootleg copy of FL Studio, and a desire to learn.

Aquinas previously lived in Tasmania for 3 years, and it was there that he met his friend, Hugh, who would later help the aspiring producer on his musical path at age 16.

Hugh had a talent for producing EDM styled music, and aided Aquinas with using FL Studio. They recorded over a Bones styled beat using a phone, and a mosquito net for a pop filter. Aquinas enjoyed the process, and began to learn how to produce on FL Studio using YouTube, independently. 

“When I was 18, I think is when I was getting tired of using Youtube beats. I
wanted to do the whole thing myself. So I just learnt how to make beats,” says Aquinas.

 The producer also would like it to be known that they now own a legitimate copy of FL Studio.

“Invest in your craft,” says Aquinas.

If you have been keeping up with the Newcastle-based producer, you may have noticed his social media tag, ‘AquinasWC.’ 

This tag comes from the title ‘Wrong Crowd‘, a group that Aquinas is affiliated with from Chattanooga.

19-year-old Newcastle producer Aquinas has been rising in prominence within the music underground. Image source:

The producer has also endured hardships along his journey. 

Finishing high school in 2017, Aquinas studied building design. However, this path wasn’t for him, and he dropped out fairly quickly. 

Dealing with the process of creative dry periods is also something that Aquinas has faced, frequently. The producer comments that at periods he can lack a creative drive, and feel self-doubt with his craft.

“You just gotta let yourself rest in that time [lack of creativity]. Shift your focus, don’t expect yourself to be A1 always,” says Aquinas.

The producer deals with these moments through his hobbies, such as skating, and visiting art museums.

The Newcastle producer also lived in New York City, for a period, when he was younger.

“I got to experience so much. Coming from Australian schools to a school just on the edge of Harlem was so different. I met a lot of great people there. Sadly, I lost contact with them though,” says Aquinas.

Aquinas also speaks on his inspirations. 

Originally the producer only listened to mainly ‘old-school west coast hip-hop’ such as Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, and Dr. Dre.

Later on, Aquinas also adopted the tastes of individuals like Childish Gambino, Chance The Rapper, Frank Ocean, Kanye, Tame Impala, and Young Thug, into his inspirations list.

The producer also speaks on one of his greatest achievements. At Wavyland, an underground music event run every month or so in Sydney, Aquinas watched as his production was performed live.

Boy Scout Gatsby, a Wollongong artist covered on the blog before, and podcast, performed his songs live at Wavyland.

A Dark Rose Podcast episode with Wollongong artist Boy Scout Gatsby.

“Boy Scout Gatsby is one of the best Australian artists I know, and I went down to Sydney and got to see him perform the songs he’s got with me in front of an audience. That was crazy,” says Aquinas.

Boy Scout Gatsby recently released a remix to Aquinas’ new track, Bonsai.

The producer is also very thankful for the audience they’ve developed over the past year, or so.

Aquinas also gives advice to those in the music scene.

If you’re uploading your beats on YouTube, ensure that your thumbnail is enticing, and pleasing to the eye.

The producer also comments that keeping your [hash] tags on Instagram to a minimum is key, as doing otherwise can clutter, and look unappealing.

As the producer continues to create new music, he has also commented that he would love to have more of a role as an artist. 

“Being an artist is my main goal,” says Aquinas.

Aquinas would also like to work with 6 Dogs, and Hooligan Chase, in the future.

Expect to see more versatility from Aquinas in 2019.

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Kappa: A Future World-Changer


DISCLAIMER: Reader discretion is advised.

Kaide Fotheringham, known by his alias “Kappa” and his Twitter handle “imnokappa“, discusses today his upbringings and how he began his journey into music. Kaide also explores his motivators as well as what he wishes to achieve this year.

Read below to learn about Kaide’s journey to be where he is today.

Why did you create the alias “Kappa”? Is there a meaning behind it?

The alias ‘Kappa’ is actually my third alias. I originally started off with the name ‘Lil Cunole’ but I realised that if I was going to take music more seriously, I couldn’t have an unprofessional name like that. My second was ‘Yng Heinous’ and that had an even shorter run than ‘Lil Cunole’, I just eventually grew to not like it. ‘Kappa’ came about when I was sitting with JVLES trying to come up with a new name by looking for words that I could use. after a while JVLES suggested that I use ‘Kappa’ because it’s the Greek letter for the letter ‘K’ which my real name also starts with.

‘Imnokappa’ became a thing when I needed an @ for Twitter and Instagram and a URL for my Soundcloud since searching ‘Kappa’ would come up with a lot of other people. ‘imnokappa’ just means that I don’t cap or lie just with the ‘Kappa’ spelling

Has being in the music industry always been a dream and/or goal for you? Why is that?

I haven’t always wanted to be in the music industry although I have always loved music growing up. I grew up with my father always playing R&B music like Mario and Donell Jones so I always f***** with that sound of music and I think it kind of influenced my music taste today.

On the aspirations side of things, I have only really wanted to be in the music industry since early to mid 2016. Even though I didn’t make my first song till mid 2017, I’d seen JVLES and DONTSLEEP[both producers] making songs and beats and I started to get really interested in it. I was in two, now deleted songs, of both JVLES and DONTSLEEP back in 2016 and have really enjoyed the creation process of music since then.


Kappa, JVLES, DONTSLEEP and Lil Yachty.

What was your greatest achievement of 2017 in regards to your career? What do you intend to achieve in 2018? What is your greatest motivator for 2018?

 I think my greatest achievement in my music career in 2017 was actually changing into a serious artist. This is because in those other songs I was in, I either had a s*** part or I was doing it for a joke. But now I’ve changed from that and I’m actually making music seriously. I think another achievement for me was making my song ‘In The Stars’, not because it had any success but because it has helped me come closer to finding my sound in music as an individual

Which artists would you like to work with in the future? What producers’ beats would you like to work upon?

The artists that I would most like to work with in the future are Kanye West, Lil Yachty, Travis Scott, Trippie Redd, Migos, Lil Uzi Vert, Tyler the Creator and even Ski Mask The Slump God. Other artists include people like Ron$ocold, Weiland, 909Memphis, BBY GOYARD and Vick Lejet.

Producers that I would most like to work with are TM88, Pi’erre Bourne, Kanye West, Zaytoven, Metro Boomin, Mexikodro, Xangang, Rob $urreal, Thrillboy and Ivsir.

How would you label yourself both in regards to music and outside if you had to? Which people do you gravitate towards and/or have gravitate towards you?

I’d label myself as a really laid back and outgoing person to be honest. I am most gravitated towards people that are the same and have similar interests as I do and have a similar sense of humour to me. I f*** with one of my closest friends heavy because he’s super into this genre of music unlike anybody else I know in school and he likes a lot of the same fashion and s*** as me too.



I feel like people gravitate towards me the same as I would gravitate to them in most circumstances but there are people who like me because I just don’t really give a f*** what people think. In music I would label myself/my music so far as like part of the new wave type s*** that’s like autotune jugg s*** that’s really easy to f*** with if you’re into the genre.

What has been the most difficult situation you have been faced with? How did you prevail? Do you think it benefitted you in the long run?

I think the most difficult situation that I’ve been faced with was being depressed for the majority of 2017. The thing that helped me prevail the most during that period of time was music, whether it was making my own or listening to other music. I spent heaps of time watching interviews with artists that I really like talking about how they came up from situations worse than mine and it made me realise that there isn’t anything holding you back besides your own thoughts and that you shouldn’t let anything hold you back.


One of many pictures on Kappa’s Instagram.

I believe that it did benefit me in the long run though since I developed the most as a person positively in 2017 than any other year and I have learnt a lot of lessons about life through that experience.

What was your childhood like? How did it help shape you into who you are today?

My childhood was actually really mediocre. It was just the same as any other white suburban Australian kid to be honest. The main things that have helped me be shaped into who I am today are my dad’s R&B as I said before since it helped me develop my music taste, the amount of injuries I sustained growing up which I think helped me numb myself to physical pain more and legit having JVLES as a brother. He’s influenced me heaps in my life in some ways better than others but overall he helped me be who I am today so much.

Who are your favourite artists and producers? Who do you think will dominate the industry this year? Why’s that?

My favourite artists are Kanye, Lil Yachty, Travis Scott, Trippie Redd, BBY GOYARD, Weiland, Lil Uzi, Lil Pump, 909Memohis, Ski Mask, Migos, Young Thug, Rich the Kid and Famous Dex.

Kappa’s most latest song with “1dontplay” produced by “Niko” and “Fish”.

My favourite producers are Kanye, Timbaland, Zaytoven, Metro Boomin, TM88, Xangang, Rob $urreal, Mexikodro, Thrillboy and JVLES. I think that if Lil Boat 2 and his mixtape with Lil Pump is successful, Lil Yachty could start on top this year. I also think that Trippie Redd is only going up with his recent releases and rumoured collabs and once Astroworld drops, Travis Scott will be one to be dominating too. I think the producer that is going to see the biggest increase in success this year will be Mexikodro since him and Drake are said to be working together.

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“6”- A story of homelessness and ambition


Disclaimer: Reader discretion is advised. Explicit language is contained below.

Geronimo Campos, also known as his rap name alias “6” or “Yung666” speaks about his troubling years in which he was faced with homelessness, drug abuse as well as his strong determination to make something of himself for both his own self and for his girlfriend and child of one year.

Below Geronimo gives his story about how he came to be where he is today and describes thoroughly his experiences within his teenage years, battling multiple demons, inside and out.

How did you come up with the name 6? What does it represent and/or signify?

Well, to be honest, the first name I went by when I started making music was “G-Mo”. If you really know me and you been f****** with me since I began, you know me by “G-Mo”.

After that, I went by “G-Mota”, “Lil reaper”, “Geronimo666”, “Yung 666”. I was definitely going through some identity crisis and then ultimately the moniker that fits me best, “6”.

A lot of people have asked me “why “6”?”.
I think honestly I chose it because it’s been a number that has always been relevant in my life in more ways than I can list. People think I just picked a number and rolled with it.

All of my close music friends have been calling me 6 back when I first started making music as “Yung 666” so it’s just always felt right. Fits my personality I think.

As far as what it represents; hopefully blessings.

6’s song “furi” produced by “PACKMAN” currently sits at 124k plays as of writing this article.

Being homeless for a period, how did you get to that point and how did it affect you immediately and in the long run? How did you get through that period of your life?

Ok well, how I got to be homeless was completely my own fault and not because of neglect or anything other than me being a stupid kid.

After I graduated high school in Montana my parents were going to move to Florida. I had the option to stay and try college out for a bit down there or go live with them back in West Palm Beach.

So obviously I said “f*** Montana” and flew down to South Florida with my folks [parents] lol.
When I got there I linked up back with my people from back in high school when I was attending Palm Beach Central majoring in journalism and s*** was tight man.

I felt like I was right back at home I was with my boys again, and eventually, it wasn’t too long till I got back into doing the same s*** I was doing.

My moms convinced me to go to college so I enrolled at Palm Beach State College and it was the best thing I could’ve done. I got linked up with some people I met at the College who introduced me to my homie who I won’t name but I’ll address as PK.

PK was known around campus as the candyman. He had molly, acid, Xanax, beans, I’m talking the hard stuff you cannot find anymore. When we met he started dealing heroin.





Anyway, we clicked right away and I was serving on Campus for him while he was dealing with the new s***. S*** was getting hot because PK was paranoid about getting caught up.

He was on probation for some gun charges and he was living on his own with his girl at the time. So money was all we were thinking about constantly. I had the luxury of going back to a home whenever I wanted at the time, PK had to serve staying up all day and night on the porch because he had to.

If you are from South Florida you know what that’s like. If you personally haven’t done it you know someone who has. Trapping [selling drugs] is just another way to live and make it by in this world.

PK ended up violating his probation on some stupid s*** and after that, s*** just died. I was hating college and the fact that I wasn’t making really any money anymore. So I woke up one day and told my folks I’m dropping out.

I said, “I’m sorry, I really am but this s*** is just not for me”.

I used all the money I had saved up and bought myself a plane ticket to Montana and left like 2 days after. I haven’t seen my dad since.

When I got back to Montana my boys* down there were stoked. I was back living with my old roommate from high school, and one of my best buds; Strozzi and my other good friend, Connor. We all decided we were gonna form a band, like a reggae-ska -punk band.

But we were getting wasted every f****** night partying like crazy. The music was there sometimes and when it was, it was good. But we all just wanted different things so, in the end, it didn’t work out. It sucked because that was honestly the reason I went back to Montana.

I had so much faith in us.

The biggest let down was my best friend, Rollo. He was the other lead singer/rapper along with myself in the band. And at the time he started using [meth].

He got addicted to meth and he wasn’t the same. I’ll always have love for my lil bro though; stay up Rollo.

After all that I was just back to selling weed in Montana again and it wasn’t paying the rent.

One of producer Thrillboy’s, a personal friend of myself and Geronimo, produced beat in which “6” raps over.
My cousin in California hit me up randomly one day and told me her dad needed a worker for his truck driving business and that it pay me like $800-$1000 a week.

So there I was again with another big decision to make; stay here, party all day with your friends and smoke dope or use every last penny I have, buy a ticket to California and work my a** off?

I left that very next day.

I got there and immediately went to work and work was good. I met my GF during this time who I’m still with today after 3 years. We have a beautiful baby girl together.



Geronimo with his girlfriend Serena and their daughter of one year, Annaliya.

Everything was going good, it looked like I was heading the right direction in what I thought I wanted in life. Then all of a sudden after about 9 months of hard work life decided to f*** me HARD.

My boss lost his contracts due to some b***-s*** and my lucky a** lost a job. So there I was jobless living with my cousin. It got to the point where I knew I needed a change again. I just got all my stuff and left.


I went to the first place I thought to go; my girls place. Luckily her mom f***** with me so she was cool with me crashing there for a couple days but I knew I had to make some serious moves.

I hit up some people I knew from way back in the day when I was a kid living in California like when I was around 14 type s***. Turns out they still doing what normal homies* do best so I told my homie* to let me hold some; I need some quick dough [money].

I scraped up the money I had saved and bought my boys whip off him for $1000. It was a little 1994 Honda Accord. A little scraper but that s*** was everything to me. That was my home for the next 6 months.

I was mobbing in that. I was rocking to Chico, Fresno, Stockton. I was moving work wherever I could. I did whatever I could to be able to get out of that rut.

Being in this position made me hungry. It made me ambitious. It’s definitely a period of my life that I’ll never forget.
Its a huge part of who I am today.


What type music are you involved in? What do you do? How long have you been involved in the music industry for?

The type of music I make and I’m involved with is really just anything I personally f*** with.
My taste in music ranges. I like a lot of classic oldies. I grew up on that s*** and then, of course, my era type s*** like the early 2000s.

I was brought up on a lot of New York rap as a kid so that influenced me a lot with growing up and getting into music. I’d say my music style is very based. Very “6”. Just free and wild and unorganized but it works.

I have fun when I record and that’s really what I’m aiming for.

I guess when I first started getting involved in this music scene, the SoundCloud scene or whatever, I was really f****** with like SGP, Raider Klan, Old Robb Bank$, Chxpo, Xavier Wulf.

So I have been on SoundCloud since like the end of high school for me like 2012-2013.



Geronimo smoking a blunt [marijuana in cigar paper].


That type of music was hard and raw, full of energy and that attracted me right away. I always knew I wanted to be a part of the underground but I wasn’t going to try to copy another artists sound.

I’m a huge Lil B fan; he is easily one of my favourite rappers and people often wonder why and look at me funny when I say this but Lil B’s music taught me pretty much to be myself, as cliche as that sounds, but I did that and I feel like that’s why my music stands out.

Lil B got his own swag and that’s because he is just being himself and that’s something I have always seen and was like “yeah I can relate to this homie*”.

I always wrote music as a kid and freestyled with my friends and s*** but I didn’t actually start recording til I was in like 8th grade. We uploaded that s*** on MySpace; it was fun times though. It actually didn’t do too bad, people in our city were f****** with it.

I didn’t start recording and taking s*** seriously til like 2 years ago when I first started uploading on SoundCloud.

Its been a crazy journey and I made a lot of good friends on the way that I wouldn’t give up for the world. I love SoundCloud and the relationships I made through my music.

Why do you rap? What is your ultimate goal and/or ambition?

I rap because honestly like I said, I been rapping since I was little; since like 10 and that’s as far as I remember. I was always writing down poems and lyrics.

Mostly about girls but as I grew up and started actually going through s*** I used music and writing as an outlet for that. I guess my real goal with this s*** is to make music that people can relate to and can feel me on that level.

Like all the stress and struggles, I go through I’m sure there someone out there going through something similar if not even harder than what I am going through. So I hope my music can make s*** a little bit easier.

I listen to music to relax and escape, kind of like how I smoke weed. It’s medicine to me, it literally calms my stress and makes me happy so if I can help my friends and fans feel a little better, then I’m happy.

If people can take anything away from my music and me as an artist, no matter what I’m rapping about, I’m trying to make you laugh and maybe get you a little booted [hyped] up in the process.

The ultimate goal would be to make my passion, which is creating music & art, my full-time job. I’m 22, I have got my own crib, I work 2 jobs and I have a one-year-old daughter so I’m very determined to make this happen.



Geronimo and daughter, Annaliya, bonding.



If you had to choose 3 artists and/or producers to work with in the future who would they be and why?

Wow, only 3? Man, there are so many great young producers coming out the woodwork.

However, for producers my list would go;

1. LordFubu: His sound is just so unique, mellow, and a lil jazzy and I feel like my voice would complement his production well.
2. Pharrell: I’ve always been a huge fan of his since I was young. From his production to his vocals, to his swag. I always wanted to work with him and learn.
3. Ethereal: This is literally something I’ve wanted since like 2014? This man is a f****** genius. I don’t care what anyone says; his production is amazing and unparalleled. I actually know that he & I would make amazing tracks together.

He has his own unique style and I love it. In a way, I feel like it’s my style too.



“YUNG666” hanging out with friends.


The artists I’d like to work with are…to be honest there is not many.

Of course, I would love to work with a lot of artists who I would consider to be legends, but I really do only have a top 3.

  1. Lil B: This would just be a dream come true. Everyone knows how much I love and respect the Basedgod so this was an easy first choice. He’s influential, seems like a really nice guy, and he’s the rawest rapper alive.
    2. Chxpo: He is an underground king, he is the BVNDGXD. I remember I dropped this song like a year ago called “Can’t trust a soul” and he just randomly liked it one day on SoundCloud and I was like “bet lol if Chxpo f*** with it, it must be an ok song”. Ever since I have been f****** with him, I’ve talked to him about getting a song in one of these days so you never know. Maybe soon?
    3. Lil Tracy: I f*** with Tracy. He doesn’t have a bad song in my opinion and you can tell that man* just has a natural talent so it would be cool to get to work with him and see what we can create. I think he’s one of the most clever lyricists I’ve heard recently.

You state that you had a rough upbringing, what happened? How did that influence your life, decisions and music?

My parents were great. I grew up most of my life here where I stay at now, Marysville, California. So it wasn’t like I had f***-ups or bums for parents.

We weren’t rich at all, far from it but my parents were just both hardworking people. They still are to this day. They always worked, both of them my whole life, to make sure I had everything I needed.

They were working class; hard working class and I owe everything to them. I was a hardheaded kid and unfortunately I had to learn a lot of things the hard way.

Marysville, California is a little city full of decent people I guess but as a kid growing up here you have to deal with a lot of b***-s***. A lot of gang s*** and stupid s***. A lot of kids who want to be into that type of s***, trying to be hard all the time.

Trying to bang [participating or being affiliated with gang activity] for respect, meanwhile, you know their whole history. A lot of people were/ are being fake to fit in.

I was never an aggressive kid really but I did get into quite a few fights. I’d say too much considering the type of person I am.

So in my experience, it was rough. I grew up differently than a lot of my friends. I made decisions that weren’t necessarily reflective of the person I am today, but because I had to at the time.

When I moved to Florida my whole life changed. I moved to West Palm Beach Florida and all my friends down there embraced me and put me on s*** immediately. I met a lot of strong connections within this s*** that I still have today.

When I was in Florida I wasn’t taking music seriously I was just f****** around, doing drugs and getting stupidly high 24/7. That’s all I wanted to do. But around the time I was dropping acid heavily, like almost every day type s***, something clicked in my head. I could really do this s***.

South Florida was already on the rise and I wanted to be part of that wave of amazing rappers that era gave us.

All my friends always told me you know I can rap and whatever and I should f*** around and hop in the studio. At the time one of my best friends Jorge Quitian was shooting and editing music videos for Wifisfuneral, then known as Izzy kill$.

He would tell me to just go for it and he got me on the music video. It was sounding good, he was going to link me with some people who could offer me studio time. I could tell he really wanted to help me cause he had seen that I was going crazy.

I was doing way too much s***. I was popping/sniffing Molly like every day, showing up to that homies* house f***** up. Like I said, that’s all I wanted to do.



“10 PM Nov. 08. 2017”


I was going to my classes tripping off CID [Acid] and sometimes candy-flipping like a dumbass. I was just real reckless but I felt like the drugs helped me creatively and even socially.

I never pulled the trigger then when I had the chance back in 2013. I never recorded anything, made any real connections besides meeting people occasionally through weed or drugs.

After years of more bad decisions; finally last year in 2016 I got fully sober. I occasionally will have a drink or “f*** it I get drunk when I want to” but definitely not every day, not even close. I smoke weed every day but s*** if I didn’t I would be a f****** a****** so I’m doing us all a favour.

But in all seriousness, my music is just mostly bits and pieces of my life, stories of s*** I have been through.

With myself growing up how I did, it forced me to grow up a little faster than most kids around me but I cherish my youth. I was a goofy kid always and that reflects in my music and I love it.

Your upcoming joint tape with producer Thrillboy is coming out soon. How did both of you meet?

Yes, Thrill6 is currently in the works and we’re both excited to share what I believe will be our best collaboration yet.

We met through Twitter; I’d say maybe a little over a year ago now? My memory is s***. I just came across him and what caught my eye was, of course, the name Thrillboy and the fact that he had a Catsippycut AVI, the OG [original] ones.

At the time so did I so I was like, “ok I will give this guy a follow”. I heard a beat of his and I think I DM’d him saying “wassup” and asking for beats lol.

I wasn’t s*** at the time, I think I had maybe 200-300 followers on SoundCloud and 100 on Twitter lol but he f***** with me and sent me a whole a** load of beats and that’s how the “Sold my Soul for Some Clout” tape with Goyard happened.



“6” [Geronimo Campos] and producer “Thrillboy” [Damien King].


I immediately f***** with Thrillboy from the first like 30 seconds of hearing his s***, it was so upbeat and unique. I never heard anything like it at the time.

Now you hear people making Thrillboy type beats all the time even if they don’t know it. He made his own sound. I chose Thrillboy to be my producer because the man is fire; he’s a legend, and one of my best friends. I really am blessed to have met him and Vick Lejet.

It happened so organically, and when we linked up in LA it was like a reunion, not an introduction. I chose Thrill because I believe in him because he believes in me. I know if we keep going there’s no limit to what we will accomplish.

What will listeners be able to look forward to in this upcoming tape?

Expect a lot of heavy hitting bass. We’re going to be bringing that raw based feel on this one but with a little twist.

Very based of course and also there will be no features on this tape. Still not sure how many tracks will end up on this tape but believe that only the best songs are making it on there.

We really want this s*** to slap so we are going to be working all Winter on this s***.
It’s “6 SZN”.

If you were able to give any tips or words to individuals reading this who may be trying to achieve their goals, what would you say? In regards to music, what tips would you provide to those ambitious in the industry?

I’m not the type to preach and I definitely don’t have all the answers, but to all creatives out there who really have got a passion and love for what you do, don’t stop doing it.

Don’t stop. Never stop.

Even if you feel like it’s not getting you anywhere and you are wasting your time, you can’t give up on yourself. It might not make you money right now or right away, but if you want something bad enough you will do whatever it takes.

So do that s***. I know how it feels to be like “man why the f*** am I doing this for?” But all I have to do is look around and I have a million reasons to keep going so for me quitting is not an option.

I’m under as f*** so I mean if you really want to get in the industry shit I would assume the best advice I can give is “put yourself out there”.

Not just on the internet, put yourself out there in real life. Go out, meet people, make connections, ask for advice, try to learn as much as you can about this business and you cannot fail.

To follow Geronimo’s career and his determination to create a life for his family, follow him on his social media accounts listed below: