An Online Portfolio- Have your story told


Recently I have begun to work with individuals/ personalities in the media sphere, allowing me to gather many interesting stories from those that wish to have their story told to their audience as well as mine. It is my passion to learn about others personal stories and help bring that story forth to the public. I have a goal to gather as many possible stories as I can from as many various individuals as possible who are grinding/ working to achieve their goals in the media.

This goal will ultimately be a large portfolio at the click of a button for as many people as I possibly can write about which will include their motives, story, and any unique information the public should know about. This will be included in my “personalities” section which already has the stories of Carli Glubok and Grace Gunn, with many more stories currently being created as this post is being written.

I am currently seeking the stories of individuals who wish for their story to be told. This will help upcoming artists, personalities etc immensely as it will allow for potential collaborations, workers eg to find an article about you and who you are and what you will provide for them. Through having an article written about you, it will open a large variety of doors and perhaps, kick-start your career and/or further it.

It is also free.

Right now I am asking for those that wish for their story to be told, through the process of an online interview (or in person if you live in or near Sydney, Australia) to come forward and email me at:

Or contact me through my social media accounts which are located at the bottom of this page and every page on KLH Writing.

I look forward to hearing from you.

-Kyle Hughes