Oh Luna, where is Sol?


I walk there. It does not matter. I walk away, a scene follows. Temporary but permanent, a fleeting moment can turn solid. Horror insures. I can be lost at whim, but only I can choose to be found. The decision lays with me, but I tremble under the weight. Confusion is a haunting disease, driving me mad. I look to my pen to guide me safely home. Sometimes that even leaves me. I can run, the beach calling me with its songs of woe. Beauty, a kiss on the heart, caressing me with delicate fingers. The moon draws me forth, a celestial guardian who seeks company in her solitude. Luna I say, where is Sol? She speaks of sadness, a lonely lover.

A tear escapes, a gentle reminder that I am human and understand the human spirit. I am not alone in this confusion. Not as long as Luna guides me with her light.

A notice


I’ve thought about this quite often when creating different works of literature, and I believe it is extremely important. However, this point should not only remain focused towards creating literature but for any work of art. When considering the creation of the piece and its various complexities included inside, it is extremely pivotal to ask yourself;

  1. Why are you creating this piece?
  2. What is its purpose?
  3. How is it different to previously constructed pieces by both yourself and other artists?

Art is a way of capturing the human spirit and allowing freedom of speech. Through this point, it is critical for you the reader to capture this within your work and create work that is original and questions fragments of the world around yourself.

Finally, ask yourself; are you doing this for enjoyment and because you have something to say or because you want the end result to be that of fame and monetary value? By focusing on the end result, it shall limit your potential and will leave yourself feeling negative if your expectations are not met.

By asking yourself these questions, it shall hopefully aid you when creating work that may perhaps be the next big thing. Remember, the journey is more important than the destination.



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Our love


Our love, a touch of colossal entities,

Lips locked in endless heat, forsaking breath for another kiss

Dark nights surrounded by lights within, blasting songs that you’d sing to me

A smile on my face watching you, always


Our love, a creation of memories physical and not,

Your eyes a mix between innocent and sinful,

Desiring to find which one is apparent this time,

The song your eyes sing lure me to your hand- always


Our love, a mixture of sunrises to sunsets

Of hands grasping body, lips tasting impurity,

Words with layers only the other understands,

The world for us to traverse – together