Poetry- Why is it still needed?


Why is poetry still so needed in today’s society? We read the poetry of great poets from differing periods of time in which they existed. We feel what they felt, and we experience the thoughts that ran through their head. Why though is it so important that we continue to read and create this art form that began thousands of years ago? It is important due to the historical and artistic (and many other) origins of poetry.


By reading poetry, we experience the historical origins of an art that influenced history in many ways. We understand various events, and at times we can use poetry as sources to understand key concepts from history. An example is Homer and his two major ancient Greek epic poems, The Illiad and The Odyssey. Both poems give an insight into the Trojan War and the aftermath of the fall of Troy. Although fictional pieces of literature, both can be used as sources to learn more about the period of Greek history. These are both examples as to how we can learn from the history of poetry.

Through reading the works of various poets like Edgar Allan Poe and Robert Frost, we can be enriched by their words and lessons. These lessons and thoughts by the great poets will forever be relevant and rewarding, and thus always needed. We learn to understand their mistakes and how to improve upon the world and events they speak of. Although they often led hard lives, they lived and felt love and all their thoughts are placed into every one of their words. These are lessons for every generation to read and learn from.


Poetry is an art, a branch of literature that allows individuals to voice their thoughts and feelings through their pen. It can be deep and invigorating and is almost always changing. It also can be moulded into whatever the writer wishes it to be, meaning the poetry piece is 100% crafted by the individual. Poetry can also be therapeutic, helping mend and at times let people speak without opening their mouth, using the written words as their voice. This is a powerful action and why poetry, and other forms of art, are so important. Being a member of the Digital Age, poetry can now be uploaded online whereas in the past it was limited to physical texts, and thus others can view it and enter discussions online related to it, increasing its effectiveness and audience.

These two reasons, art and history, are why poetry is still so needed. It’ll never lose its effectiveness, only its audience will change as the years go by. Poetry is one of humanities greatest treasures.

I was never really insane except upon occasions when my heart was touched.”-Edgar Allan Poe.

Physical vs Digital Publishing


All writers have faced the question some point in their career, what is the better path to follow? Should I publish my work digitally or in print? This question is still relevant, if not more so now than ever due to the way the media is shifting to be more digitally focused in every way. It may be foolish to consider why there should be a comparison due to digital publishing being more easier to send to the masses and have your work shared online for the internet to read at their own convenience rather than waiting and physically having to grab the copy them self. These are a few points to consider when choosing between both.


It is true, a digital publishing will always be more convenient for the audience due to its placement upon the internet. This allows the reader to read the piece wherever and whenever they want with no worry of misplacing the physical copy. Being on the web means that it can be edited by the editor at any moment, whereas a physical copy cannot be edited once it has been distributed, only recollected and even then it runs the risk of the incomplete work already being in the hands of the audience. This means that a physical publish must always be in premium condition before it is submitted because it does not have the luxury that a digital publishing does in being able to correct work.

Digital books can also be purchased wherever the buyer is where as physical publishings must be purchased from the corresponding store. However physical books will always be better in regards to layout as they look more appealing and can be used as the reader wishes whereas e-books follow the format that they are submitted and can at times look unappealing.


E-books and physical books range in costs depending on many factors. It is generally agreed that print copies cost more for the buyer with books ranging between $10-$30 AUD or more depending upon the book or quality etc paperback and hardcover, whereas e-books are normally sold at lower costs due to there being no printing costs associated with the published copy. However, e-books also have to pay for editors, format costs etc but the overall copy is generally cheaper to purchase. It is up to the buyer whether they’d wish to pay more for a physical copy or would be happy have an e-book copy instead.


Although e-books may be cheaper to purchase, physical copies of books are able to be touched and placed, unlike e-books digital version. This also allows books to be lent to other readers, to be held in libraries and also placed around homes. Digital copies are also easier to be pirated, a warning that every publisher should acknowledge. Due to being physical

Due to being physical, a print copy will generally be received better due to all the production values that follow such a release. However, this is not to say that a digital copy will not be received as well, it just means that a physical copy will have the benefit of being “touchable” that a digital copy does not.


Although both have very different natures, a publisher should acknowledge the positives and negatives of both options as both are good in their own ways. A purchaser should also ask themselves what would be more suitable for their lifestyle and ultimately, what type of individual are they? A person who prefers a book in their hand or would rather the book be more conveniently placed within their smartphone?

Writing (The real story)


The media often portrays writers living in grand houses with many riches, however, this is not the real truth as most writers are struggling to sometimes even pay rent. This is because for a writer to become successful enough, they need an audience or following. This is often hard enough in itself due to the large saturation in the field of writing, with many individuals sharing and promoting their work online, making finding an audience all the more harder. This oversaturation creates the need for the individual to stand out from the crowd in regards to their quality of work because if not, their work will be harder to become successful.


Money is often also another issue in regards to writing. Sometimes to become great you need finances, and with writing, this can be the case. Money is needed at times to buy better editing software, to publish work, and to get work promoted to rise above the crowds. Having money is also sometimes needed so a writer can focus on their craft with their undivided attention. However, it is possible to be a successful writer without great finances but it is a plus if one can fuel their writing career with funds as it may fasten up the process of becoming “discovered.”


A writer also needs to be 100% committed to their craft. This is because of a large number of complications that are prominent in this career path and can deter many would-be writers from entering the field. If a writer is fully committed, however, these complications can be seen as hurdles and almost exciting to overcome. They must also be disciplined in their approach, always training their skills and trying to enhance themselves due to the competitive nature of the field. Sometimes timetables are necessary, but in almost every situation, a writer must commit themselves daily to this path.


It is also necessary for a writer to be confident in their own self. It is necessary to do so because confidence sells and if an individual is confident in their own work and more importantly, them self, it is more likely that they will succeed. Often at times, it is necessary to fake confidence, but by doing so you can develop the mindset of acknowledging what confidence feels like and then being able to incorporate into yourself. It is a must though that you have confidence in your writing pieces because if you do not, it will show in your work. If you are confident in your work, it will definitely be noticed and work in your favour.

These, however, are just a few of the truths in regards to becoming a writer. Although it may seem that the odds are stacked against writers, it is important to acknowledge that it is worthwhile in the end and is a rewardable lifestyle. Although the media may portray a writer’s life as somewhat different, just remember that although it may be different, different isn’t always negative.