Social or Unsocial Media?


Social media, the very purpose of its creation was to allow the world to become closer, more interconnected. This is true and thus it has achieved its purpose. However, it has also scattered the world in regards to its more localised setting. It has caused some individuals to become more reclusive and involved in the digital world, sometimes affecting their relationship with others in their physical surroundings. However, this is not always the case; it’s more based upon the individual and thus, if used correctly, can have many positives involved with it.


The very nature of social media can indeed bring towards people on a large level that has never been completed before. It brings these people together on a global scale, allowing folk to enter discussions, share ideas and promote their work on a larger level. This allows freelancers and other similar individuals to promote their work to a greater audience and perhaps by doing so, gain more traffic towards their work.

Social media can also bring family and friends together, allowing communication to be present between both parties while around the world. This is also apparent in relationships, allowing long distance relationships to be easier to be attempted through the use of applications such as Skype, Messenger and Instagram. These very applications purpose is based upon allowing its users to share content and stay in touch with “friends”, a very positive purpose.

An example of this positivity is also shown through Facebooks Safety Check feature which allows users to mark that they are safe during a crisis, a reminder of social media’s purpose.

Loss of physical awareness:

The loss of environmental awareness is an issue that can become apparent, however once again it is dependent upon who the individual is whether they exhibit any characteristics of reclusiveness. This issue though can be mostly relationship affecting in a negative manner as it can cause individuals to limit physical interaction with those they are around and instead become consumed within the social media platform that they are currently consuming. My only response to such a concern is to limit the time that you are present in social media and make sure that it does not affect your physical relationships.

Although social media can have negative concerns, I believe that it is mostly positive in its nature and should be used freely, however, individuals should be aware not to let the digital space affect their physical space. If used correctly, social media is a positive creation, and its positives far outweigh its negatives.


5 tips to help your writing improve


When writing it is sometimes hard to always achieve the desired results in which you want. However, with these five tips, it shall perhaps help you upon that path and make you more confident with submitting your next piece.


It is important when writing to have a source of inspiration. This allows the writing to flow more freely and be more powerful. To capture a perfect piece, or as close to perfect as possible, inspiration is needed. To find inspiration, look towards various concepts or people, even perhaps the great writers themselves, and channel that strength into the piece you are currently writing.

Don’t force it:

This point is crucial. If you do not feel the need to write at the current moment, do not force yourself to do so. The end piece that is produced will not be as strong due to being forced and will lack the ability to capture the readers attention, perhaps dissuading the reader from reading later pieces.
Remember, first impressions are everything and making sure that your piece is powerful from the beginning will reinforce your writing and make it as interesting and attention drawing as possible.

Check before submitting:

Do not submit a piece of work without running your writing through a program to check for various mistakes. These programs include Grammarly (includes a free version), Microsoft Word spellcheck (very barebones) and also other various online-based spell checks.  Look at your work as a professional piece and imagine that others will be doing so also. This mindset will help you polish your work before clicking submit every single time, and you will benefit greatly from doing so.


Make sure you read (as I’m sure you all do) lots of different authors and genres to gain an understanding of how they have achieved what they have. Analyse their writing style, their word choice and other techniques they use to understand how maybe you could incorporate some of these techniques into your writing. Who knows, perhaps you could become the next F.Scott Fitzgerald?


This point is more a personal choice, but I do believe it is important. Converse with others authors and writers, perhaps exchange ideas and give feedback on how you can improve and what you have achieved correctly. Also, go to locations, grab a coffee, blend into the atmosphere of that area and just listen. That’s right listen and understand how normal conversation flows between others. This will help the dialogue in your pieces flow more smoothly and not seem forced, allowing relationships between your characters to seem natural.

With these points in mind, I hope to find you writing more and perhaps be more comfortable. Remember, anybody can be a writer, all it takes is hard work, inspiration and dedication.  Goodluck.



I cannot wait to change the world with my writing. That is my ultimate goal, to change the world to be better than it was while I was alive. A lot of events are occurring globally that can be deemed worrying; we check our social media accounts religiously watching all these events being reported upon, potentially worrying us. Do not fear, however, trust yourself and focus on the good within your life. These events could potentially only be temporary so focus on things that matter, like your future.

My dream is to shape this world, potential change it and leave a legacy behind. Now more than ever, I wish to save people and most of all, make people feel. For them to notice their heart beat, feel the cool Autumn breeze brush past their face gently and watch sunrises, basking in the warm sunlight contrasted by the chill in the morning air. I want people to really feel, not just accept their life for what it is but what it can be rather. People need a dream, and I want my words to encourage people to reach for them, even if it takes their whole life, they’ll die happily knowing their life goal is now fulfilled and have left behind a legacy.

This is what I want.