Northeast Party House are creating an empire ahead of new album, SHELF LIFE


Sitting outside a Mexican themed restaurant in the heart of Sydney, with sweat slowly emerging on our foreheads from the summer heatwave, Northeast Party House is sharing the love.

The Melbourne-based sextet, with only three members being able to make the interview – Zach, Mitch and Jack – comment that they’ve only flown into Sydney a few hours ago, and they’ve set aside the whole day to do interviews.

The band, whose music is far too versatile to be limited to just one genre, has been making waves over their decade long career. From more recent developments, like being signed to Sony Music Entertainment, to dropping hits like ‘Calypso Beach,’ the sextet has been making a name for themselves – in Australia, and overseas.

With their upcoming album, SHELF LIFE, only a few weeks away from release, we chatted to Northeast Party House on the album, vulnerability, and knowing when to turn a dream into reality.

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Uncovering the truth with Truthteller


Stephen Davis has dedicated his life to discovering mysteries left unanswered, intentionally or not.

Award-winning journalist and educator Stephen Davis is still driven by a desire to expose the facts and to bring justice to those who have none. In a 30-year career he has unpicked many “mysteries”, travelling the world as an investigative reporter for TV, magazines and newspapers.

In the latter part of his career, he has witnessed the rise of fake news, deep fake technology and big lies – falsities that when repeated enough times become ‘real’ in the minds of consumers. These disturbing global trends inspired him to write a new book, Truthteller, in which he assesses the prospects for truth in this emerging environment.

“So you tell a big lie, and initially people might not believe you, but you repeat it again, and again, and again, and the numbers that believe in you will go up”.

This is an anathema to Davis, an investigative journalist who believes in digging deep, never giving up on a story. For Davis, important journalism is about getting to the truth, whether that be global or local.

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Photo provided by Exisle Publishing.