Skrilla- Versatile, Experimental and Consistent


23-year-old Texas artist Skrilla comes forward with strong, powerful vocals and a sound that isn’t boxed into one “genre.” The artist has already achieved lots, with many plays already being attributed to their songs as well as the creation of a dedicated audience.

From working with “The Virus and the Antidote,” to getting inspiration from Pouya as well as the Seshollowaterboyz, Skrilla is well on the way to achieving success.

Let’s explore the artists’ story.

Skrilla first decided to choose the alias he is now known for at the beginning of his venture into the underground scene.


From working with “The Virus and the Antidote,” to getting inspiration from Pouya as well as the Seshollowaterboyz, Skrilla is well on the way to achieving success.

“My favorite artist was Pouya at the time, I just kept listening to his music and stumbled on an old video from him and another artist called Nell. I think the song was “Shotz from the double glock” and there was a line that goes put the “Skrilla on the table, make it in an instant” and that just clicked with me,” says the artist.

Skrilla also was influenced by artist Bones and the group, Seshollowaterboyz.

“The first song I ever heard was “Persian Palace” from Bones and Xavier. The whole style to them was so similar. I really connected with their music, the whole aspect of how they built their following was really inspiring. Even talking to Elmo [Bones] or just seeing Wulf [Xavier] is really surreal,” says Skrilla.

Skrilla believes that the mentioned individuals paved the way for other artists to follow. The artist is also getting into fashion currently.

Lil Peep was really inspiring to me. I feel like he was that dude [important and central] when it came to the image.”

The artist, whilst growing up, came from a strict background. His parents were hard on him and controlled Skrilla’s actions. It wasn’t until high school in which the artist started to “rebel” and smoke marijuana, that he started to have more personal freedom.

“My parents are really traditional and I just look at life and what I can of make it . They have a harsher view of the world and want to control everything but it doesn’t really work like that and that’s what I try to tell them,” says the artist.

The artist also encountered a few difficult situations when he first started his career in the creative industry, as we all do.


Artist Skrilla- Not bound by genres.

“I was once at a point where I had to message people to check me out, till I didn’t have to do it anymore. I guess my biggest one [hardship] would be getting my name out while trying to build up Midnight Society. I was just working on my craft. I had to find myself and figure out how I wanted people to perceive me,” says Skrilla.

I was also interested in which direction would Skrilla pursue if he never followed his music career.

The artist states that he would’ve pursued gaming as a professional if he had a choice, or work somewhere like a “weed shop” due to its relaxed and familiar environment.

I also asked the artist to describe themselves and their craft.

Skrilla states that he is a really relaxed person, that can relate to others and doesn’t judge. He is an introvert, and he is very big on positive energy and speaking things into existence.

“As far as I see it, if you have opportunities and determination, you can do anything,” says Skrilla.

As an artist, however, Skrilla describes his craft as very versatile, experimental and consistent. He states that if “The Virus and the Antidote” didn’t ask him to start screaming on track, the artist might’ve never started experimenting.

“I try to be as different as I can be. I want people to say there can never be another Skrilla,” says the artist.

As of now, Skrilla’s greatest achievements are being in the position he is now with the audience he has, working with “The Virus and the Antidote“, as well as working with 2 SHWB producers says the artist.

“Just talking to my inspirations really got me to realize how I got to where I am as an artist,” says Skrilla.

Skrilla would also like to work with Trippythakid, Fukkit, Bones, Pouya, Wulf, 909Memphis, 10 Cellphones “and more.”

Old and new fans of Skrilla have lots of future content to look forward to as well.

Skrilla has started putting all his new music on his Spotify account “skrilla+”, which will be linked below. The artist is no longer a part of his former team Midnight Society so he is now focused on building his own brand.

“Mostly what I’m working on is my official album “Heartbreaker.” “Riots” is dropping in a couple months. A couple of artists will be on there such as Phantom CaineOriginal God, Foreign Forest, and VELVETEARS,” says Skrilla.

To say up to date with Skrilla’s career, be sure to check out his social media accounts listed below: