Dr. Driip- Music Is In His Blood

Artist Dr. Driip, also known as the creator of Big Muscle Gang, speaks about his rise, the hardships he and BMG have experienced, his background with music history in his family, and more.

Lil Turbo- Bringing Energy To Everything

Artist Lil Turbo hits hard with a voice that suits his flow. The artist captured my attention as soon as I found him on social media, and once I listened to his music, I was hooked.\

Turbo also produces too, which will also be covered.

Time to discover who Lil Turbo is behind their music.

Weiland- Creating A New Wave

Weiland, a 17-year-old artist from Florida, with a quickly growing audience, strives to continue to develop his own style of music. The artist has a bright future in the music industry.

The artist also suffers from an addiction to money due to personal reasons, which we will discuss below. 

The artist was brought to my attention through previously interviewed personalities in which had worked with them.