Steele11- A Professional Talent

Artist Steele11 is a 17 year old artist who has already experienced being a part of the industry with his feature on the song “Ride Around” alongside YouTube and social media star Tanner Fox. The young artist, has hundreds of thousands of plays on all his songs, including over 1 million on “Ride Around.”

Steele11 chose his artist alias as his last name is “Steele” and the number “11” is a significant recurring number that impacts the artist. 

Lil Shelton- The Founder Of A New World

Artist Lil Shelton is not just a creator of music, but also a visionary of a concept called “17 World”. This world is exclusive for only the creative-hearted and is “out of this world”[Earth].

Shelton’s music has the ability to cause reflection, as it has an almost mesmerizing effect. I am glad I got to cover Lil Shelton’s story. Welcome to 17 World.

Blog Update- 2

On the 5/3/18 I have decided to start hosting producers beats on my site that are voted in, for readers to listen and vibe to. This action was suggested by a friend of mine, Matt, and I believe it is a great suggestion. Producers can be under promoted at times and not referenced at times, especially if a big name artist gets hold of the beat. By hosting a few select beats on my site a week (with no repeat), it gives producers a chance to get the recognition they deserve but dont often get.

Vick Lejet – The Creator of a New Sound

Vick Lejet, an artist from Sydney, Australia, whose voice and composure motivates those who listen with its positivity and happy aura, speaks about his origins, and his music while delving into what makes him stand out from the crowd and why he is the next artist to gather lots of traction.