Messiuh- Religions Antagonist


18 year-old San Francisco artist Messiuh has strong views on religion, and channels his emotions into his music. With a focus on loyalty, and leadership above all, Messiuh uses his craft to let his heart and mind speak. The artist also has work with Steele11, and others.

Time to explore the 18-year-old artist’s mind.

The title Messiuh was created back in the days of the PS3 console. The artist comes from a European background, and religion is involved heavily in his family’s lifestyle.

However, the name isn’t to demonstrate Messiuh’s religious values or interests. Rather, it’s the opposite.

Messiuh chose the name to antagonise those that take religion too seriously. The artist comments that he is an atheist.

“I’ve always been a leader no matter what I do in life, so the name kind of stuck,” says Messiuh.


18-year-old artist Messiuh believes in loyalty, and love, above all else. Source:

Growing up, the artist comments that his family life has always been in a “weird state.”

Messiuh and his parents never saw things the same, and would often conflict with each other. He states that this was due to his attitude and outlook on life.

However, now their relationship has improved.

Messiuh is thankful for everything that his parents have provided for him. He believes that they have helped shaped him toward the person he is currently.

The 18-year-old artist explains himself also.

Being both compassionate, and loyal, Messiuh explains that leadership is his most important trait. The artist also comments that he only associates with 4 people, outside of his music friendships.

As an artist, however, Messiuh comments that all of his music is emotionally-focused.

“Every song I make has deep meaning and can be used to decipher my life,” says the artist.

The artist has also battled with mental illness, particularly anxiety and depression. This battle became increasingly difficult in high school.

Messiuh states that before music, he internalised his feelings and struggles. This exacerbated the struggles he was dealing with.

However, the artist states that with music, he is now able to convey his thoughts and feelings into his songs, and use it as an outlet.

“My music is a direct look into my life, and the emotion of the songs I drop reflect how I feel myself,” says Messiuh.

The artist was originally acquainted to music through his close friend, and fellow artist, “notJeorge.”

Messiuh’s friend showed him how important it is to express yourself and your emotions. Messiuh fell in love with music immediately.

Besides music, Messiuh comments that he’s interested in economy. If he doesn’t continue to pursue his music career, he’d become invested in the field of economy.

The artist also states that creating relationships with others due to a shared interest in music is one of Messiuh’s favourite achievements.

Messiuh also likes striving to surpass his current musical skills constantly.

None of Messiuh’s songs are freestyled, he comments, and the artist generally takes up to 3 weeks to finish music.

Multiple songs are often released at once. The following few days, Messiuh focuses on mastering these new songs, and starts gathering inspiration for his next song/s.

Messiuh also believes that it is important to be yourself, and focus on what makes you unique. By doing so, you will develop a “natural” marketing image for your craft.

“My image online is how I am in real life. Nothing is left out or fabricated,” says Messiuh.

The artist wants readers to know that they have a tape releasing soon with Florida artist, Steele11.

A podcast with Steele11 can be found here.

New singles will be releasing afterward rapidly.

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Memphis- Bringing Business To Music


21-year-old Virginia artist Memphis comes forward to speak about his career, hardships, his involvement in large modeling campaigns, his life growing up, his future, and more.

Time to explore the London-born artist Memphis.

21-year-old artist Memphis had his name given to him by his peers, rather than be chosen by himself.

The artist, who attends college to study business, plays soccer in college, and played it in high school as well,

While playing soccer one day, Memphis scored, and his friend imitated an English commentator’s voice/accent and called him Memphis, after Dutch native “Memphis Depay.”

The name stuck ever since, and has become the artist’s musical alias.

Memphis is also originally from London, England, but moved to the US at a young age, and is now settled in Newport News, Virginia.

The young artist states that he grew up privileged, and had a good life. Memphis comments that his parents were healthy.

Memphis says he was blessed to live in the household that he did, and that one day he will give back to his parents everything that they did and do for him.

Memphis also states that going to college has helped his career due to his skills in marketing himself, and his image.

“There’s a lot about the industry and marketing that kids don’t understand. It’s not just about how hot your music is,” says Memphis.

The Virginia artist’s musical inspirations include A$AP Rocky, T-Pain, Yung Lean, Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, PnD, Young Thug, Chris Travis, and 24HRS, and others.

The artist also speaks about the hardships he’s endured along with his career, and as well as before.

Memphis comments that he’s a very emotional individual, and he goes through the motions of feeling both positive, as well as negative.

“Most of my music reflects what I go through, You can hear the emotion in my voice and through my lyrics. Songs like Pure Spirit, Forfeit, [and others] all are songs that kind of show you what kind of person I am when it comes to how emotional I am,” says Memphis.

The artist comments that he also suffers from people not getting along with him at times. Memphis states that he does not always fit in in various environments, and people often mistake his passion and confidence for Memphis being egotistical [self-absorbed] in nature.

Memphis states that he believes people hate seeing someone being prideful in themselves and their own career.

“I didn’t really fit in, in most environments I was apart of as a child. I’m a very strong, confident, and passionate person,” says Memphis.

Memphis also describes himself as a “regular student” who goes to school, gets his work completed, and focuses on his business. Memphis also comments that he’s disciplined, responsible, determined, and motivated.

“This also flows into my music – I’m always super focused and driven to be the best in anything I do,” says Memphis.


“I’m always super focused and driven to be the best in anything I do,” says Memphis. Source.

As an artist, Memphis states he likes to let “all emotions flow.”

“I could be a heartthrob one day, a heartbroken sad boy one day, and a pop star the next day. There’s no real telling what you can expect from me,” says Memphis.

The artist also speaks about how he began.

In high school, the artist’s peers began to rap, and Memphis began to rap also. Memphis comments that he started on boom bap, and that it [his music] was terrible

The artist states that he also thought autotune was “corny” at the time, but in freshman year of college, decided to test it out and ended up liking it.

Memphis also states that he has a few achievements so far, but is not “close to his peak whatsoever.”

A few of these achievements include a song that is releasing with artist iLoveMakonnen soon, the inclusion in the G-Star RAW modeling campaign, as well as being on Elevator.

“Everything I’m doing right now I feel as if was meant to happen and I’m only growing faster,” says Memphis.

The artist also gives advice to those in the industry.

Memphis states that you must be wary of your surroundings, and acknowledge that you are a brand, and need to act respectfully.

The Virginia artist also comments that readers need to focus on making music that they enjoy making, and be original. Focus on making your sound exclusive.

“Be respectful, too much ego burns bridges. Remember it’s a business, not just some internet s***,” says Memphis.

The artist also states that you need to be yourself, and express yourself in ways that you want people to see you.

“My mentality is, you’ll become who you want to become, by thinking about who you want to become all the time. I wear a lot of tracksuits, because I’m sporty. It’s just who I’ve always been my whole life. It fits me,” says Memphis.

Regarding how Memphis makes music, he states that he freestyles most of the time. He comments that he previously wrote lyrics, but he finds freestyling to be more organic and natural.

“I don’t really follow a schedule, I have times where I’m pushing out like 12 songs a week then the next week I need to find some inspiration. But when I find that inspiration, it’s hard to slow me down.,” says Memphis.

Regarding artists, Memphis would also like to work with iLoveMakonnen, Gunna, T Pain, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Nebu Kiniza, SahBabii, T3, Bladee, A$AP Rocky, Smooky Margielaa.

Memphis also has a project on the way, and lots of singles in the works.

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Keshore- Speaking To Many


When it comes to having a talent that touches people with its impactful and moving ability, 18-year-old Atlanta, Georgia, artist Keshore is a prime example. The artist speaks to many, including his loyal audience, with his deep life experiences which showcase themselves throughout his music, as well as his nostalgic outlook on life.

Keshore, in this interview, speaks about the many hardships he’s gone through, his music, his beginnings, his future, and more.

Let’s uncover this Georgia artist.

Artist Keshore states that his musical alias is actually his middle name. Keshore’s father and sister gave him that middle name based after a famous Indian musician and actor.

Growing up, Keshore comments that he felt like he was a loner. He states that he loves his family but he always felt like an outlier to everyone. Keshore felt alienated due to his music, and his differences.

“I was there but the majority of the time I didn’t feel that way. It’s getting better now kinda but like any wound, it needs time to grow [heal],” says Keshore.

The Georgia artist states that he suffered many hardships throughout his life. Some physical, and others mental. This included depression, and family-based trauma/issues.

Keshore comments that he backpacked and ran away from home at one stage.

“Most of my hardships though I don’t really want to get into. I’m not a very open person so I keep things like that to myself but every now and then you’ll hear it in my songs,” says Keshore.

The artist got through most of these hardships by saying ‘”f*** it”, if they don’t love you somebody else will.”

Keshore likes to stay in regular contact with those that bring positivity to his life.

The Georgia artist describes himself as “weird.” However, as an artist, he likes to try and bridge different people, and things, so that people can cross them and be happy with their lives.

Keshore also explains how he got into music, and started his career.

The 18-year-old artist failed to get into a certain high school that he wanted and became depressed due to his failure to get in.

During this period, Keshore began to get into rap music during his freshman year [9th grade] of high school.

One of Keshore’s friend’s, an artist called “Not Cool,” also known as Byron, used to freestyle alongside Keshore. In 10th or 11th grade, Not Cool gave Keshore a beat to rap over, and Keshore fell in love with doing it and his voice.

However, Keshore didn’t take rapping seriously until 12th grade, which for him was only last year.

Keshore’s personal greatest achievement so far is getting the multiple millions of plays in which he has throughout his career.

“Gathering multiple millions of plays is a nice cushion of a confidence booster to sit on when I feel down. Let’s me know if I got this far I can go farther. Just needs more work,” says Keshore.

Regarding Keshore’s music schedule, he states that he searches for beats all day while working with super lowkey producers. Keshore then freestyles on a mic, or writes lyrics.


18-year-old artist Keshore, and his friend and artist Convolk.

The artist comments that he is always writing, be it if he’s eating, about to have a shower, watching T.V, Keshore is always looking for inspiration and lyrics.

“I record as soon as I can then I mix and drop when I feel like it’s ready,” says Keshore.

The artist states that life around him, and his friends, are what gives him the inspiration to write certain lyrics or search for the right beats to capture and embody the right life experiences and emotions.

Keshore also comments that if he didn’t pursue music, he would have liked to pursue fashion.

The Georgia artist states that he was previously going to a fashion school before he left home. He was going to sign the papers to enrol before he disappeared and ran away from home.

“If music never worked out, which I hope it does work out, I would pursue fashion,” says Keshore.

The 18-year-old artist also gives advice to readers.

Keshore states that it is important to be true to yourself.

“Make what you want. If that means being an industry plant, do that. If that means staying true to yourself and being as original as possible, do that.” says Keshore.

Keshore also states to make the music that you’ll be happy to leave behind as your legacy. The artist comments also to not cap [lie] as it will not get you anywhere.

Keshore states that at this moment he is looking to only work with his friends, and on himself.

The artist is also dropping a tape on the 21st of September. He will also be dropping some merchandise, and some leading songs with music videos.

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