A Writer’s Legacy

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Death, the one thing that is inevitable. It cannot be stopped. Life can be prolonged but death cannot be conquered. It comes from the darkness, taking its due.

But not all is sadness, for as writers, we have abilities that can even live long past our own death.

I am talking about our legacy.

We write stories each day. We create epic journeys of heroes conquering evil, of forgotten races rising from the depths and of love appearing in places of darkness; and we sometimes forget that we can change peoples lives.

We as writers can change so many peoples lives, every single day.

With this post, however, I am speaking about, in particular, our legacy.

The Macmillian Dictionary states legacy as,” something that someone has achieved that continues to exist after they stop working or die.”

I strongly believe that a writer’s legacy is incredibly important. Our life stories are held in each word that is written. Our pain, happiness, and dreams are carved into each story we write. With each piece we write, our soul is embedded into it. When others read our work they are literally delving into the life we lived, be it good or bad.

I will not tell you how to leave your legacy as that is for you and only you to decide but please work hard on it. We have the ability to change the world around us. Words hold power, hence why all throughout history diplomats were used, particularly in military matters.

Work each day to craft your story into something worthwhile. Write stories, challenge yourself. Go on adventures, speak to people you normally do not. Gather stories from the world around you. Your legacy is writing and your writing is your legacy.

I know I want my legacy to be the single most important thing I ever achieve. It will be my soul living on beyond the grave. It will be my memory and how others will remember myself and the life I lived.

Do you want the same?

Comment below on what you wish your legacy to be.


An Artists Tribulation


Perseverance, the word that is great in concept but difficult in action. 

In pursuit of your art, the necessity to not give up but in fact prevail is paramount. If one gives up, their work will not reach the audience that it deserves and thus, the spark will shudder and finally disappear. An artist must work continuously. Each day is another stepping stone to the day in which their work is recognised and appraised.

It is hard, however, to keep the necessary pressure upon yourself and your work each day. It is critical however that you do this. Yes, you are able to have rest days and time off, but it is your future you’re working towards and thus, it must be nurtured and respected.

An artist works long hours, tirelessly trying to improve their creations. You, an artist, must do similar. No individuals work is perfect and flawless. There is always room for improvement.

You must search for approval foremost from yourself. If you are never happy with your own work, you will never be satisfied with the words from others. Approval comes from within. It always has.

You’re an artist. Persevere until your work is appraised both internally as well as externally. 

You’ve got this.

Traction: Build a community


A point I see quite regularly when people converse about writing, or art in general, is the general belief that if something does not yield results straight away or even after a while it still doesn’t, it is better to leave it than continue to pursue it. Many individuals are troubled by the idea that if their work is not publicised on a large scale instantly, their work is of poor quality and therefore must abandon it.

Do not do that.

In order for a piece of work to acquire traction it must have built a community behind it. A fan-base of sorts. The only way to do that is, you guessed it, by continuing to work and produce more content. If people are not viewing your content, you cannot create a loyal following which means you shall not grow.

Working hard and smart is incredibly important when making art. You need people to want your work. You need people to crave it, to check your page constantly for updates, to hunger for your content!

Persistance is key. If you do not keep producing content, you will not further yourself. Your thoughts are important and that is why you must make sure that people view it. Work everyday if you must at improving your work and furthering the fanbase that wait your content production.

The world needs more artists, entrepreneurs- people that desire to make a change for both their life and the world around them.

Dont settle for anything less than you deserve. You deserve more than you think.