Drawingsbyjag- Behind The Art


You may know the graphic artist Jaggar by his social media alias, “Drawingsbyjag,” or better yet, by his graphics. The talented 16-year-old Ohio artist has drawn various individuals, from mainstream artists to underground personalities, and more.

These individuals also notice Jaggar’s art, often leaving comments below the post showcasing their surprise and admiration.

From Ski Mask The Slump God, to Trippie Redd, to underground talents like Steele11, Jaggar’s career is built on humble origins, but the young artist has a steady vision.

Time to explore Jaggar’s mind.

16-year-old graphic artist, Jaggar, lives in a small town in Ohio, near Canton.

The young artist claims that they’ve been creating art for as long as they can remember. It has become a part of their overall identity.

The brand name that Jaggar has chosen, “Drawingsbyjag,” does not have a lengthy reason behind its acquisition.

Jaggar states that he chose the name as it was simple, and contained part of his name in the title.

The artist did not expect the brand, and his art, to pick up the audience it has.

Jaggar also sheds light on his life growing up.

The young artist comments that he has always had the support of his mother, who helped him with school projects and also helped him on his creative path.

“She [Jaggar’s mother] really got me into everything with artwork. My dad, however, showed me music. He was always playing 60’s-90’s music when I was little, and I feel like that helped me with being different,” says Jaggar.

Jaggar also comments that he is thankful that at the age of 16, he has not experienced many hardships and adversities. He comments that he is blessed to have not encountered them on the path that he is following [art].

The young artist also elaborates on the technicalities revolving around the creation of his art.

The artist uses multiple software during the process of their artistic creation, followed by different apps to edit.

Jaggar uses paper for his physical drawings, and then scans them so they can be posted online.

“I was always just drawing on paper when I was little,” says Jaggar.

The artist also uses their iPad, laptop, and sometimes their phone to create digital illustrations.


16-year-old artist Jaggar, owner of drawingsbyjag. Source:

Listening to music while creating art also appears to be an activity that Jaggar does while drawing. The artist likes to post at least once a week.

Jaggar also comments that he’s been creating art since a young age, with his work being in an art museum in 2nd grade. However, it was Jaggar’s cousin, Majestic, who motivated Jaggar to follow art as a career.

Regarding inspirations, the artist states that most of their inspiration comes from music. Jaggar likes to draw on his own imagery, and thoughts, to put into his art.

However, brand creators Jonny Ransom, of RANSOM CLOTHING, and Cole Bennet, of Lyrical Lemonade, have large impacts on Jaggar’s art.

“A lot of the ideas Cole [Bennet] uses for his videos inspires a lot of how I do the style or background of my artwork,” says Jaggar.

The artist also comments on their growing success.

“One of my greatest achievements as an artist would have to be having a little kid coming up to me at a football game and asking me if I was ‘drawingsbyjag’. That changed how I looked at all of this,” says Jaggar.

The artist states that their growing success is a personal achievement as it incentivises them to work harder.

Jaggar also comments that if he had to describe himself, he’d label himself as a visionary as he is always aware of his surroundings, and is constantly looking for future inspirations to fulfil his vision.

The 16-year-old artist states that he has a clothing line coming out shortly based on their drawings, and future creations. They are also working on album, and song [art] covers.

Motivating yourself, and pushing your creative boundaries is also a philosophy that Jaggar strongly believes in.

“Make yourself different and separate yourself from other artists. Show your adversity and people will notice,” says Jaggar.

The artist would like to collaborate with any “new wave” clothing brands such as Gnarcotic, RANSOM CLOTHING, Lyrical Lemonade, Superradical, and more.

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