Carli Glubok: The Untold Story


Carli Glubok, a model who has worked with the likes of Playboi Carti, A$AP ROCKY, UnoTheActivist, and Nick Jonas,  is impacting the industry with her dedication and perseverance to succeed.

Above is Carli’s appearance in Nick Jonas’ music video for “Find you”. Carli Glubok comes on screen at 1:15.

How long have you wished to be a model for? Did you have previous career dreams and if so, what were they?

“I’ve wished to be a model all my life. I do not remember when, but my mum said that when I was a little girl, I would be approached by Disney producers and modelling agencies. my parents wanted me to wait until I was old enough to make my own decision about taking on the tough industry, ” says Carli.

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Model Carli Glubok speaks about her career, and her battle with cancer. Source:

Who is your greatest inspiration? Which individuals would you like to meet and/or work with in the future?

“My greatest inspiration is Angelina Jolie, whose striking external beauty only rivals the beauty of her heart. Her generosity in helping children around the world, as well as her bravery in speaking out about her double mastectomy and oophorectomy, have inspired me greatly. 

Some of the models I would like to meet are Adriana Lima and Cara Delevingne. I would like to work with Mario Testino and Carine Roitfeld, ” says Carli.

Where do you see the future of your modeling career heading?

“I see my modelling career heading in the direction of high fashion in LA, NYC, Europe, and all around the world. Whether that be print for clothing brands, runway, commercial, or music videos,” says Carli Glubok.

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Carli Glubok backstage during LA Fashion Week. Source:

What major modeling work have you done throughout your career? How did you get started?

“The most significant jobs I’ve had throughout my modeling career include a “Nasty Gal” commercial and several music videos. I’ve done over 8 music videos for all kinds of artists.

I got started with my first video with Playboi Carti ft UnoTheActivist with ASAP Rocky. These opportunities lead to more such as MadeIntyo, The Weeknd (NAV), Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla sign, Nick Jonas, Chase Atlantic, etc. “

Carli has been featured in the music videos of artists such as Reo Cragun and UFO 361.

During Carli’s modelling career she has also been involved in many runway shows. These include Art Hearts Fashion Show (LA Fashion Week), Andre Emery Fashion Show (LA Fashion Week) in which a crowd of over 3000 people attended and Christian Cowan Fashion Show (Make A Wish Foundation).

Carli has also been in online magazines Stick and Stones, Live Fast Magazine, Blanc Magazine, Cake Magazine and Phlemuns.

After finding out you were diagnosed with cancer, what was your immediate response? What were your thoughts?

“After finding out I had cancer, my immediate response was complete and utter shock, but after the news sank in, I knew that I wanted to make a difference in the world. I wanted to take the cancer and turn it into an opportunity to help othersI am doing this by continuing to model and helping others in need of a self-confidence boost, giving them someone to relate to that can understand what they were going through.”

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“After finding out I had cancer, my immediate response was complete and utter shock, but after the news sank in, I knew that I wanted to make a difference in the world,” says Carli. Source:

What specific cancer were you diagnosed with?

“I was diagnosed with a rare type of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma called Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma.

Carli was diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer on Friday, September 15th, 2017. She posted a video on Instagram of her hair being cut, with a caption that explained her situation. 

How did cancer affect your modeling career, and your lifestyle?

“Cancer affected my lifestyle and modeling career by taking a toll on my body with the intense fatigueEvery day that goes by feels like a year. I eat differently now and participate in activities differently.”

“Since I’m feeling physically weak, I don’t have the energy to do my modeling as much as I’d love to. Otherwise, I’d be in Hollywood and Downtown, attending castings all day and working my butt off. Everyone thinks modeling is easy but really it’s just as hard as any out of college profession – if not harder,” says Carli.

Now that the cancer is in remission, how have your thoughts changed, if at all?

“Now that I’m in remission, I have had a huge weight taken off of my shoulders but I still went through a lifethreatening experience and I think about that daily. “

On November 3rd Carli posted on Instagram about her Lymphoma now being in remission.

Do you have any words for those that may be in the same position you previously were in?

“What I would tell someone going through the same situation as I would be, “don’t let it knock you down. God has given you this challenge because he knows you can overcome it.””

What motivated you to continue and persevere, empowering those as you went forward?

“What motivated me to continue to persevere and power through it is the difficult challenges that I have encountered in my past.

I believe everyone goes through their own tough life struggles and I’d say my life has definitely tested me and my strength. But, I’ve always gotten up when I get knocked, and I show them what’s good.”

Do you see yourself working in the future to help support those affected by cancer? If yes, how do you see yourself doing this?

“I see myself in the future working to help support those affected by the awful disease of cancer. I would do this by forming support groups, giving inspirational speeches, or running an organization that helps girls feel beautiful without their hair.”

Remember to check out her Instagram at @carliglubok to see the work she gets up to.

Update on Carli’s life:

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Loot Box: A form of GAMBLING?


Video games have been an industry for decades now, entertaining individuals with their robust stories and competitive multiplayer modes. Everything seemed quite well, with the occasional scare which is to be expected in any industry, however recently a new design has entered the video game world.

Loot boxes.

Loot boxes are digital goods that once obtained, allow a random selection of goods to be obtained. Picture it as a mystery box from Call of Duty: Zombies. The object obtained from within may either be of high quality or not desirable. You do not have a choice of what you get. The system has now entered newer video games such as Overwatch, Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Middle Earth: Shadow of War. This is concerning.

Individuals have expressed their concern for it, claiming it is like online “gambling“. Lootboxes can either be obtained through in-game progression at a slower rate or purchased using real-world currency.

The latest Star Wars Battlefront 2 in which I played the beta, has progression limited to the use of loot boxes. This means that in order to get better weapons and abilities for your “soldier” to use, you must earn experience and crafting resources. Star cards (or abilities) and weapons are earned through the loot box (loot crate as its called in Battlefront 2) system.

The main way to achieve star cards is through in-game progression, login bonuses as well as “microtransactions”( the purchase of in-game goods using real-world currency). This is troubling because through progressing as well as purchasing of loot boxes, you may still not even obtain the items you wish due to it being a random selection.



Star Wars Battlefront 2 loot box system. As seen above, to purchase more loot crates you need resource points which can be earned via playing or purchasing with real-world currency. Source


To read further about Star Wars Battlefront 2, click here.

This is getting even more concerning as the latest Call of Duty WW2, is using a WHOLE system dedicated to the use of microtransactions. Pretty Good Gaming, a YouTube channels covers this story. “For example, in one implementation, the system may include a microtransaction engine that arranges matches to influence game-related purchases”.

Microtransactions and loot boxes are becoming so concerning that a petition was created in the UK to try and make gambling laws focused on video games as well. In the UK, if an online petition accumulates more than 10000 votes it must be investigated by the government.

The petition is here. However, only UK citizens can vote.

PC Gamers covers the story here.

The video game industry is changing rapidly and the direction it is travelling is not for everyone and thus, many individuals are becoming vocal about their concern.

Now I will leave you with a few questions. Do you believe loot boxes to be a form of gambling? Also, do you believe microtransactions should be welcomed into more video games? Why? Why not?

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How do you get BETTER results?

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Yes, you’ve probably heard it all before. The famous question, “Do you need to write in a particular location to achieve the best results?”

Many young (and sometimes experienced too) writers come forth and are stumped on whether location leads to successful writing sessions. Some individuals may find themselves in a period of “writer’s block” and thus, ask the question believing that their period of being unable to write is solely due to the location in which they write.

Particular locations may lead to loss of focus when writing due to distractions. It’s true. However, it cannot all be blamed on the location.

This article is primarily focused on writers but it is universal in its reach. Any worker, be it an artist or mathematician, may find themselves looking for answers as to why they are unable to focus or they notice their quality is dropping and blame it on their surroundings.



I find writing on my balcony to be beneficial to my focus. I get the benefit of nature as well as the comfort of my own home.


Writing needs discipline. Every single day a writer must work on their craft if they are to see results. If that is difficult to achieve, maybe creating a schedule could help. Start with a small amount of time dedicated each day to just write and let your ideas hit the paper. It is the only way to get better at the craft.

I try to dedicate about 30 minutes to 1 hour a day just to write. This normally nets me between 1000-2000 words completed. Sometimes it is less but I never stress as life can have an effect some days and that is perfect OKAY.

With any craft, you must dedicate time each day to work on it. This is no different.

I highly recommend, finding a location that works best for you. This means:

  1. It has minimal chance for distractions.
  2. It is ergonomic.
  3. You are able to achieve quality work in this location in comparison to others.

As shown above (in the above picture), I either complete my finest work in the library or in the comfort of my own home. Your locations may differ and that is completely okay!

GOALS: Setting goals are absolutely necessary. Make sure your goals are realistic, however. Small regular goals mean your bigger goals will be easier to reach. 

I try to set a goal a week for how much work I wish to be completed. Deadlines are a must. 

Find a deadline as well as small goals that are realistic. By doing so, you allow yourself room to grow as well as the ability to improve your skills will become easier (as well as more noticeable to yourself and others).

It must be understood though that your ability to grow and improve your skills is completely up to you. Using tips like the ones I have provided may make the path easier to tackle but your future is up to you.


  • Find a location best for you (See points above on how to choose one that’s best).
  • Set deadlines.
  • Set small regular goals (as well as larger more spread out goals)
  • Create a timetable to work on your craft each day.

I wish you the best of luck in your journey.