The YouTube Adpocalypse


YouTube, the biggest video-sharing website in the world. Millions of registered users upload content daily to be shared with their audiences, new and old. From video blogs (vlogs) to trick shot videos, there is a video for everyone. For the larger YouTubers, after a certain amount of views, they begin to earn revenue. Ads are placed on the video, which earn the uploaders revenue. Some of these YouTubers dedicate all their time to their content that Youtube turns into a full-time job.

However, as of this year and potentially onward, the way revenue is earned has become steadily more difficult. Demonetisation has risen to become a YouTubers nightmare with a bot integrated into the server that automatically flags videos for demonetisation if advertiser unfriendly (This potentially means unsuitable for all audiences eg children). This has been dubbed the YouTube Adpocalypse.

This is dangerous to the YouTube community as although the demonetisation system was created to ensure that advertisers were protected as well as the viewers, it has affected the platform as a whole. However, due to the system flagging YouTubers who have been in the community for a long time and have a large viewer base and at times have done nothing wrong to achieve this result, it can prove fatal to their channel.

The Adpocalypse began roughly when biggest YouTube star, Felix Kjellberg who is also known as PewDiePie with currently 57 million followers, uploaded a video that contained men holding a sign that said “Death to all Jews” via the service of Fiverr, a freelance service marketplace. On this video were ads from various advertisers and although unintentional, their ads were affiliated with his videos content. Although Felix states that the video was “satirical” in nature, it still caused tremors that shook the whole Youtube community. PewDiePie was partnered with Disneys Maker Studios as well as worked with Youtube Red, a paid subscription streaming service, on producing original content. After the upload of his video and the tremors that were later felt, Disney Makers Studios alongside YouTube Red both let Felix go. This affected all of the content creators on YouTube as now advertisers were pulling away from the creators out of fear of the PewDiePie situation occurring to their ads.



Biggest YouTube star, Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg. 57 million subscribers, placing him well above other content creators on the platform. Source.


The situation was made worse when YouTube star PewDiepie while on live stream with thousands of active viewers, said the N word in retaliation to getting killed by another player on the video game PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. This furthered the tremors felt by the platform, causing many content creators to voice their annoyance and by some, hatred, towards PewDiePie.

A yellow icon was placed into the video manager in Youtube which lets the content creator become aware when one of their videos is flagged and is awaiting judgement on whether it’ll be taken down or demonetised. During this period the video will not achieve any more views and thus, the overall amount of views the video will get in the long run will be significantly lower. This can cause a content creators revenue to be much lower than normal.

During the period in which it is awaiting judgement, YouTube recommends that a content creator “appeals” their content so that the bot can “learn”. YouTube also states that “in the first few hours of a video upload we use machine learning to determine if a video meets our advertiser-friendly guidelines.” They also state “an appeal gets sent to a human reviewer and their decisions help our systems get smarter over time.” However, YouTubers have come forth and stated that due to the large amount of content that is uploaded daily, not every video is viewed by a human but rather a bot.

Due to the demonetisation threat that has frightened some content creators, in order to continue to earn their revenue, they have been forced to earn revenue in other ways. One of these ways is by joining Patreon, a platform that allows content creators to be paid monthly by their fanbase, starting at $1 per customer who signs up for that creator’s content.



Patreon, the service which allows content creators to be paid for their work by their fanbase. Source


With the Adpocalypse in full swing, I decided to write this post to voice my concern towards the platform of Youtube. With demonetisation occurring regularly and affecting most Youtubers (all YouTubers who have had 10000 total views on their channel will start to earn revenue), it may frighten new content creators from joining the platform. Perhaps it may also scare current content creators on the platform from producing further content for their channel and decide to change video-sharing service or joining a platform like Patreon out of sheer necessity to earn revenue and make their living.

I believe that if the demonetisation situation is not worked on immediately and resolved, the platform may be on its path downwards.

This is a sad and terrible time for content creators.


The Power of The Voice


The necessity of the media is ever present, if not now more than ever. As Sherina Harris, a fellow blogger stated on my post “Journalism: A Slow Death” “In many ways, there is a declining trust in the fourth estate, but in other ways, people are depending on journalists now more than ever to hold the government accountable for its actions”.

Sherina also states, “It’s just that while in the past we saw journalism as being newspapers tossed on the front porch of every house, now we are seeing it in innovative infographics and videos. The field is changing, which, in my opinion, is a great thing.”

I truly agree that yes there is a decline in the trust in which a large number of individuals have towards journalism and the media, but the media will always be important. The news is prevalent and can occur anywhere at anytime. Information must be relayed to the masses as it is paramount to the stable functioning of our society. Without the relay of events to the masses, an information dark age would arise.

According to Oxford Dictionaries, “News” is “Newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent events”.

Without the media and its now digitial existence, we wouldn’t be able to get quick and often live coverage of events that are important. An example of this is the California fires which are devastating the countryside currently, forcing many to evacuate their homes; putting many at risk. Without live coverage of this event, we wouldn’t be kept up to date which can be anxiety-inducing, especially if one’s family is currently there.

The media is important.

The way the media is presenting information to the masses is changing rapidly also. However, it is not all as bad as some people express. Digital distribution means faster retrieval of information from media platforms as well as the ability to communicate with a large array of individuals more quickly.

I expressed here a debate individuals have in regards to digital vs physical publishing and although it is directed towards the publishing of novels, the information is still relatable to the topic of this post.

There will always be conflict in regards to publishing, especially when in relation to the media. This is because the media is incredibly important and holds a vast impact on most individuals. However, times are changing and it isn’t all terrible. The rise of the individual speaker is approaching, allowing many voices to be heard due to the use of social media and the increasing impact that free speech can have.

The media and more importantly, those that use the media to raise their concerns, are becoming more powerful. This is especially affiliated to politics and when individuals in power use their abilities in a wrong manner, awareness can be brought to these misdeeds and action can be directed towards the wrongdoer.

Journalism is changing and although worrying, it brings forth the chance for all journalists as well as individuals with the ability to voice their opinion, to hold wrongdoers accountable for their action.

Change can be scary but in this scenario, I think it can be exciting.

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The Greatest Question We Shall Ever Ask


Who are you?

No not the you that everyone sees walking around at work/ university but the real you. The you that is raw and free to act in the manner in which you want. The you that can come out when you are alone at home or in the wilderness, taking in the atmosphere.

Take some time right now; yes, right now, to think to yourself. Think about your past, your present and what you aspire for your future to be like.

Think of all your likes and dislikes. What makes you smile and what makes you anxious, are also important points to think over. What are your flaws? What are your strengths?

Once you have thought about your life and who you are, make a promise to yourself to work towards what you thought of when you considered the future you desired. Only you can achieve that; no one else can, only you.

I truly believe that we become too absorbed into the happenings around us that we fail to look inwards and understand who we are as a person. Yes, we may understand the primary layer of who we are but deeper than that, only a few understand.

To become who we are destined to become, we have to acknowledge that only through self-awareness and persistence to work towards our goals are we to ever become the person we want to become.

I do not know everything about myself and I don’t think I ever will. However, I am thankful that each day I am granted the opportunity to learn more about who I am and acknowledge that I am getting closer to the goals I have set.

To come closer towards who you were always meant to be is one of the greatest gifts that life can grant you.

You must begin to look inwards rather than become distracted by the happenings of the busy modern world. Self-awareness is important and by acknowledging so, you can be closer to the ideal goal you have of yourself. However only you can acknowledge what needs to be worked upon.

Our lives are limited to digits on a clock but by making the time we have worth it; we can live the life we have always desired. You are the navigator and only you.

Live largely and leave the greatest legacy behind. You are amazing.