Thrillboy: From Social Media Comedian to Producer

Damien King, also known by his alias Thrillboy, is a producer who has his eyes set on an international scale. From previously starring on Daniel Amos’ prank videos as his best friend, to joining Surreal Gang and making beats alongside other artists and producers, Thrillboy has experienced a lot and his work is a prime example of this.

Read to find out about Thrillboy and his resoluteness to achieve and succeed.

“6”- A story of homelessness and ambition

Geronimo Campos, also known as his rap name alias “6” or “Yung666” speaks about his troubling years in which he was faced with homelessness, drug abuse as well as his strong determination to make something of himself for both his own self and for his girlfriend and child of one year.

Below Geronimo gives his story about how he came to be where he is today and describes thoroughly his experiences within his teenage years, battling multiple demons, inside and out.

An Online Portfolio- Have your story told

I have a goal to gather as many possible stories as I can from as many various individuals as possible who are grinding/ working to achieve their goals in the media.

This goal will ultimately be a large portfolio at the click of a button for as many people as I possibly can write about.

Creating a script: The tale

Currently I am undertaking the task of creating a script for a play for university. While I am out of my comfort zone drastically, it is teaching me an incredible amount. I am moderately experienced in writing prose and poetry but to write a script was something I always wished to do, but never actually commenced doing. However, I am quite enjoying myself thoroughly!

Goals- An update

Each day is one step closer to achieving my goals. 

Dedicating my life to literature was an easy task. Making it happen however was more difficult. It was the conflict in my head that occurred whenever I considered bringing forth my writing pieces to light, with the idea that hiding it was more beneficial. I now see that that is not the way I wish to live my life and having exposed my pieces was an incredible choice on my behalf because it gave me the push to grow and enhance myself consistently…